Current Projects


  • Ivan is working on the first electric album since Sharptown in 2009. The album will be a return to the ‘old’ sound with a twist of Baroque.
  • Ivan has written 9 pieces towards Moods, Broods & Interludes Vol.2
  • A second album of Arpezzato compositions for solo cello is planned.
  • Arrangements for cello sextet of known pieces. Includes Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Red Bone by Childish Gambino.

Ivan Hussey

  • Conversations with Heitor is a 40-minute composition written for eight celli, soprano voice and tape, that follows eight chapters in the life of Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. This will have its premier in 2021. The first movement, Alma Brasiliera has been performed by the Amazon Art Ensemble. Watch Here.

Hussey Marwood

  • A new album of original compositions written for cello and acoustic guitar will be released via streaming and digital download on 5th March 2021 under the name Drive.
    A CD version of the album is available now via the label shop. 







Alongside the above projects, Ivan has also been involved in composing for several other projects.


  • Ivan has written music for a new documentary film on the corporatisation of Punk music. The film is currently in post-production. 

Collaborations with Elastic Theatre

Baroque Box

  • In 2011, Ivan was commissioned to compose music for the production of Baroque Box by the award winning Elastic Theatre. The dance-opera took place over nine days as part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival in June with over twenty separate performances.


  • With the success of Baroque Box, Ivan collaborated once again with Elastic Theatre in 2013 on the company‚Äôs first foray into film.
    The Multi-screen production of Julius is a coming of age story of intrusive thoughts and compulsive rituals that premiered at the Spitalfields Festival in June 2013.
    The music from both Julius and Baroque Box appear on an album entitled Music for Elastic Theatre which was released in December 2013.