Celloman is the artist name of cellist and composer Ivan Hussey. His projects under that name include an electric band, a string trio and a solo cello show.
Celloman has released eight albums and has toured extensively around the UK and beyond.
The albums have all been produced by Ivan and released on Jambila Music, a label he owns with his brother Paul.
Ivan also works as a session musician, working with high profile artists from around the world. Ivan also releases albums under his own name and under the name Hussey Marwood, a duo with guitarist Steve Marwood.

Celloman began in 2001 with the release of Aquador followed by three further albums – Maya, the 2nd album of original material, a live album: It’s all an illusion and the 4th album Sharptown. A re-look at Sharptown was released in 2014 under the name Sharptown Return.
A compilation album, entitles ‘A Journey’ featuring tracks from the first 3 studio albums and additional EP’s, can be heard and purchased via Bandcamp.

The next few albums released, showcased an acoustic sound, starting with Acoustic Collection Vol.1 in 2015 , Acoustic Collection Vol. 2 in 2018 and Arpezzato Cello in 2019.

Arpezzato, combining the words ‘Arpeggio’ and ‘Pizzicato’ is the name of a new style of cello playing that incorporates finger styles taken from a range of instruments from a variety of genres. 
Ivan is currently promoting the Arpezzato style through recordings, workshops and gigs.

The following albums have been released under the name Ivan Hussey. 
Moods, Broods & Interludes: March 2012.
Music for Elastic Theatre: Dec 2014

Hussey Marwood is the artist name of Ivan’s duo with guitarist Steve Marwood. The first EP, entitled Spanish Gold was released in  March 2015. The debut album Drive, was released in March 2021. A CD version is available via the label shop.

In 2022, Celloman released the 8th album Panacea, the first full electric album since Sharptown in 2009. The album was accompanied by a 12-date UK tour. Panacea is available on CD via the label shop.

Celloman has gained a fine reputation for the Live shows and albums with a sound that has proven to be quite unique. A blend of Middle Eastern and African rhythms, Eastern and Western classically inspired melodies, hypnotic harmonies and driving funky Bass & Drums.
Over the years, the live electric band has mainly been: 

Cosimo Keita – Drums
Oroh Angiama  – Bass
Oli Savil 
Samy Bishai – Violin
Ivan Hussey – Cello

The band have performed extensively around the UK at both venues and festivals, including Womad and four consecutive years of performances at Glastonbury. They have performed in Serbia, Zanzibar, Holland, Spain and Abu Dhabi. In 2009, Ivan was invited to perform a solo show at the International Cello Festival in Belgrade and was also a guest cellist at the ‘Beyond Cello’ Festival in London both in 2014 and 2016.

“Sharptown ‘with it’s delightful Afro-pop guitar motif and arresting string arrangement, is typical of their own unique and beautiful sound.”


“… but the star is Hussey’s Cello, proof that the instrument can be surprising, sensuous and funky – all at the same time.”

The Observer

“The band were tight, and the playing superb. To die for!”

Festivals UK.

Ivan began working as a session player at age 17 joining the Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra for both their tours and recordings. Since then, he has played on well over 300 albums and toured with artists such as Mick Jagger, Soul II Soul, Incognito, Jay Z, The Lighthouse Family, Da Lata, Annie Lennox, Duran Duran, Gabrielle, Natacha Atlas, Smoke City, Shaun Escoffrey, Third World, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and many others.
He has continued working with other artists throughout his career including a three-year stint living in the Middle East, where he adopted the ‘eastern’ element to his sound.
In Dec 2019, Ivan joined the Snow Patrol band for their ‘Re-Worked UK tour and currently runs the session outfit Remote Strings.