Moods, Broods & Interludes

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Moods CoverMoods, Broods & Interludes  is the new album and project by Ivan Hussey

The album, a collection of fifteen compositions written for variations of stringed instruments, contains pieces for solo cello, duo of cello & violin, trio of violin, viola & cello, string quartet and a quartet of celli.

The music, composed by Ivan Hussey, takes its influence from a variety of musical traditions and moods. From the Carnatic Southern Indian influenced ‘Veena’ to the African highlife of ‘Georgetown’, the flamenco sounding ‘Scenes of you’, to the brooding solo cello piece ‘The Changeling’. The ‘Interludes’ of the title, each in a different key and recorded here with four celli, were originally written for performance as solo cello with loop pedal, the repetition having a soothing hypnotic effect on the listener.