Arpezzato Cello

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Arpezzato Cello Cover (450)Arpezzato Cello is the 7th Celloman album.
Since its inception, the cello has moved from a bass instrument to a solo melodic instrument.
The album, Arpezzato Cello, aims to present the cello, much like a guitar, as a harmonic instrument.

This Arpezzato style allows for compositions, played on the cello, to include elements including melody, bass, rhythm and harmony, all without the need of another instrument.

Played with the fingers of both hands and without a bow, the style uses finger techniques imported from the world of Pop/Rock, World, Blues and Jazz. These techniques include: ‘hammer-on’, ‘hammer-off’, ‘slide’, ‘pop’, ‘slap’, ‘strum’ and ‘Walking bass’ amongst other techniques.

The combination of these varied finger techniques exceeds the use of the word ‘pizzicato’ and therefore required a new name.
The name ‘Arpezzato’ combines the word pizzicato with the guitar-like ‘arpeggio’.

This album presents 12 new compositions, performed by cellist Ivan Hussey on a single cello with no overdubs.